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The 'working bred variety' of cocker spaniel, has a lot to offer. These dogs are bred, for sound temperament and health, intelligence, stamina, speed and biddability, sound in body and capable of being trained to perform the job they were bred for, hunting, flushing and retrieving game.

 Photo courtesy of Lowforge Gundogs


Today, these dogs also excel at other disciplines, such as agility and flyball.

Some of them work for Hearing Dogs for the Deaf and Dogs for the Disabled.


Some are used as sniffer dogs, or involved in detecting cancerous cells. All in all, this breed is a popular choice for the working dog.

All the external qualities we look for in a good working  bred cocker can be found by approaching many of the excellent breeders that concentrate on the working  bred variety.

Our AIM at “Working Cocker Pro Health Society” is to raise awareness of the health tests available. These tests are offered to all breeders who wish to enhance their breeding programme by screening for possible unseen conditions.

By providing a directory of working bred cockers that are health screened, from the basic annual eye tests, through to Optigen DNA prcd-PRA and beyond, we will offer, a comprehensive tool for like-minded breeders and owners,  to make an informed and knowledgeable decision regarding the dogs they wish to purchase, or the dogs they have in their breeding programme.

We hope to feature  breeders on this site,  who not only breed for the visual and working abilities, but choose to health test.

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